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[ comrade love ]

come together // nevermind the fuckin' weather
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i made this because it represents where i am in life.

from: http://www.sinologic.com/language.html

The term "comrade" (tongzhi: tong: the same; zhi: will; tongzhi: people of the same will,) has taken on a new level of meaning recently in Taiwan and Hong Kong - it now refers to homosexuals. Gay is nan tongzhi and lesbian is nü tongzhi. And, homosexual love is, well, tongzhi ai.

I am superlame when it comes to LJ names. I write about a bunch of hot Asian people. Yeah.

If I don't friend you back it's not because I hate you or find you stupid, it's just that the journal is for fic only and I try to keep the flist comms only, too. I have another journal, ask if you want me to friend you there. :)
.tw, anti-junsu ass harrassment, awwwkward rpf, basically everybody x jiro, changmin/dongwan porn buds, dong^2, fei lun hai slash, hankyung speaks dance, hyukjae hates white chix, hyuksu omfg!!, inter-boyband making out, jaejoong is alien, jaemapi, jiropi, kangin is my bf, kangteuk=hottest het evar, magical korean holidays, magical taiwan holidays, prison au!kihae, shindong saranghae, unintentional badfic :(, wangtang is real